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  1. stick around To remain or linger in one location; to not leave or abandon (someone or something). Hey, stick around for a minute, I need to talk to you. We stuck around after the concert to see if .
  2. stick around definition: 1. to stay somewhere for a period of time: 2. to stay somewhere for a period of time: 3. to stay. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus.
  3. Sep 11,  · stick around. phrasal verb. If you stick around, you stay where you are, often because you are waiting for something. [informal] Stick around a while and see what develops. [VERB PARTICLE] I didn't stick around long enough to find out. [VERB PARTICLE].
  4. May 30,  · I am surprised I never heard of "Stick Around", as it was terrible AND starred Andy Kaufman. Apparently, it was so bad that this pilot episode was not approved as a series and it's easy to see why. The show is set in and Andy is a robot owned by a /10(33).
  5. Stick around: to continue to be in a place for a significant amount of time. Synonyms: abide, dwell, hang around Antonyms: bail, bail out, bug out Find the right word.
  6. Stick around, son, and sit in any time, and I'll learn you some pool. The thing to do is to stick around and show folks that you're not a quitter. It is your duty to stay here where you belong, and you can stick around and get used to it. Im going to stick around until the all-out alarm is sounded.
  7. Sep 04,  · One of the few songs written on the eve of recording Foo Fighters, “I’ll Stick Around” is defined by Dave Grohl as “a very negative song about feeling you were violated or deprived”.
  8. stick around vi phrasal phrasal verb, intransitive: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning and not taking direct object--for example, "make up" [=reconcile]: "After they fought, they made up." informal (stay) restare in zona.

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